World’s Fair of 1873 in Vienna

In 1873, Vienna hosts the World’s Fair, commissioned by Emperor Franz-Joseph I to promote international exchanges in Austria-Hungary. Vienna becomes indeed a capital of arts and culture after this major event, that surpasses the former exhibitions with its gigantic dimensions.

France stands particularly out for its artists, and in particular its art foundries and ceramists in the decorative arts. The Marchand house provides a circular couch for the event, with a little fountain and plants in the center, designed by Eugene Piat. Prices of Honor are awarded to Barbedienne, Christofle, Durenne, the manufactories of Sevres and Saint-Gobain, and Theodore Deck.

The latter shows beautiful ceramics tinged with Japanism, an idea that will inspire the Zsolnay Factory of Austria-Hungary, which is attending the exhibition for the first time. The discovery of Japan continues indeed, and the public discovers a Japanese garden with bonsai, where paper fishes are floating in the sky.

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