The “Pompadour” fireplaces

The fireplace called Pompadour, owes its name to the Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764), companion of the king Louis XV, being at the same time his mistress, friend and adviser. She embodies decorative arts of the mid-18th century.

The "Pompadour" fireplace is characterized by two typological criteria:
- an entablature and a shelf slightly curved.
- an entablature and jambs sculpted with a circle surrounded by oblong moldings.
Generally, it has canted jambs.

The soberest model, called grooves and panels, is composed of marble slabs worked in a subtle manner. But the Pompadour fireplace can be closer to the styled-fireplace, of a more lavish production. Hence, we find numerous models with console feet adorned with volutes.

During the Haussmann works in Paris, this model knew a great fortune. This fireplace decorated with molded panels that follows its curves aroused many interpretations. They were realized into very diverse quality and color marbles.

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