The Palazzo Papadopoli

A staggering Venetian palace, the Palazzo Papadopoli built circa 1560 is known for the lavishness of its interior decoration. Ordered by Nicolo and Angelo Aldobrandini-Papadopoli around 1874, the decoration is imagined by the leading expert of decorative arts in Venice, Michelangelo Guggenheim.

The palace already displayed an aristocratic decor inherited from the powerful Tiepolo family in 18th century. The famous painter Giambattista Tiepolo would have painted a ceiling, and his son Giandomenico several frescoes.  Michelangelo Guggenheim, who was specialized in reinterpreting ancient styles, leans on the fascinating history of the place to make out of this Renaissance palace a true wonder. He imagines a style inspired by a different time for each room, creating a fantastical path from an epoch to another.

Visitors are thus immersed in sophisticated spheres contrasting one with another, walking from a light-spirited rococo fantasy to the erudite atmosphere of a richly furnished Neo-Renaissance cabinet. A conception of such modernity that one would say : “The 16th century Tiepolo Palace gave birth to the 19th century Papadopoli Palace.

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