The Gréber family

Since 1846 the Greber family was established in Beauvais, renowned for its pottery production.

The first to settle there was Johann Peter Greber (1820-1898), a sculptor who participated actively in this region's projects. In 1868, he was given permission to establish an oven to "bake art carved into clay" thus founding the "Beauvais sandstone Manufacture" in collaboration with his sons Paul and Charles Greber.

The brothers worked together until the death of their father, introducing new techniques, and more particularly flamed sandstone. In 1878, during the Paris Universal Exhibition, their Manufactory conquered a wider audience. One of their most famous work is the facade and roof of the factory (listed as Historical Monument in 1979).

In 1900, Paul Greber moved to Pont d'Allone where he opened his own factory of salted stoneware (gray and blue). Charles Greber stayed at the manufactory and developed sandstone flamed and architectural ceramic in both "Art Nouveau" and "Art Deco" styles.

In 1933, Pierre Greber (nephew of Charles) took over the Family Manufactory. It will eventually close in 1962, since no successors were to be found

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