The Bleu Fleuri marble

Praised for the freshness of its color, the Bleu Fleuri marble offers a variety of shades from gray to sky blue. It is a sought-after marble whose veins also take various forms according to the marble cut. Sometimes of deep black, these veins highlight the subtle blue color of the stone.

Of a more rare blue than the Turquin, it was particularly appreciated in the 19th  century for the creation of fireplaces. It is indeed Pompadour fireplaces, Louis XIV or Louis XVI styles fireplaces, made in the 19th century, that most often allow to admire this marble. It is brought up to date by Napoleon I, who chooses a Bleu Fleuri fireplace to decorate his apartments at the Chateau of Compiègne.

The Bleu Fleuri marble comes mainly from the quarries of Seravezza in Tuscany, quarry that provides the most beautiful marble, including the famous white Carrara marble.

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