The Barbedienne Foundry

In activity from 1839 to 1954, Ferdinand Barbedienne’s foundry imposed itself in the mid 19th century as a one of the most prestigious in France, if not the greatest. With the mechanical proceed invented by Achille Collas enabling to copy sculptures at a smaller scale, the firm broadcasts perfect copies of famous Antiquity statues as well as the best artist’s works of the time.

Renowned for his bronze statues casts, Ferdinand Barbedienne has the ambition to spread art by daily objects and is hence committed in the decorative arts. He collaborates with the designer Constant Sevin and the enameler Alfred Serre; this co-work gave birth to exceptional works admired at World Fairs and soon acquired by the institutions.

Entitled Head of the Bronze Industry Committee in 1865, Barbedienne is recognized for making the 19th century dream of an alliance between art and science become true. The gigantic production of the Barbedienne Foundry let art works of perfect quality and sophisticated references.

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