Sarrancolin Ilhet marble

Sarrancolin Ilhet marble is a variety of Sarrancolin marble that gets its name from the village Sarrancolin, located in the Hautes-Pyrénées Department in France. Like other Sarrancolin marbles, this variety features red flame shapes, but it also has a gray-brown aspect. It is a mixture of creams, yellows, pinks, grays, and greenish colors structured by red veins and white calcites.

Very popular from the time of Louis XIV and its extensive use at Versailles, it was often chosen to make beautiful decorative fireplaces. For example, the Antechamber of the "œil de Bœuf" in the Palace of Versailles features a Régence-style fireplace made of Sarrancolin Ilhet marble. There is a Louis XV-style fireplace made of the same marble in the Salon d'Abondant at the Louvre Museum. It was still used during the 19th century, for the thirty monolithic columns of the Paris Opera (1887).

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