Marc Maison on the web since 1997

This month, on the occasion of the online release of our new website, we introduce its history through its old versions.

The history of the website is obviously linked to the one of Marc Maison, a pioneer antique dealer who, as soon as 1997, owned his own website.

Please find below the 1997 version, certainly minimalist but already promising.

In 2001 and 2004, the website's colours were changed and the new tricolour logo appeared.

An example of fireplaces' display in 2004 :

Over the years, the website has kept up-to-date and has proposed articles on a regular basis (such as the so-called « Petits posts d’Histoire de l’Art de Daisy House ») about exhibitions or discoveries, sometimes unusual sometimes rewarding, made by Marc and Daisy. They concern odd or mysterious objects from their collection but also, obviously, the lastest events of the Gallery.

In 2009, the website began to look like what we know today. It proposed then a forwarding to the website dedicated to the objets d’art from the 19th century. Then, one year later, it referred to the new website dedicated to custom-made fireplace mantels : Maison et Maison. in 2009 : in 2013 and 2014 : in 2016 :

With an experience of more than 20 years as an antique dealer who became specialist in the field of fireplaces, especially in marble, Marc Maison created in 2010 Maison & Maison, a company dedicated to the creation of luxury and custom-made fireplace mantels.

Maison & Maison in 2011 :

Maison & Maison in 2016 :

In 2017, the website took a new shape in order to improve, as always, the quality of the display for the objets d'art. The latest version of this website is now online.

Made to facilitate access to the information you need, our website is now optimised to be used on new digital media : computers, tablets or smartphones.. We also have created new categories of antiquities. And last but not the least, user experience has been totally functionnalities are available :
- visual navigation and quick access to the different categories
- optimised search engine
- relevant sorting criteria (dimensions, colors, ...)
- easier wishlist creation and management

We invite you to discover this brand-new version as of now :

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