Louis-Philippe style

Under the reign of Louis-Philippe I, the decorative arts, especially goldsmithery and furniture, have its glory days. Jacob-Desmalter and Bellanger take part in the diffusion of this new opulent style which seduces quickly the new bourgeoisie.

Imposing and massive furniture with an important comfort and practice research characterizes the style. The chest of drawers and the tub chairs are emblems of the period, as well as the appearance of casters on the furniture. The style perpetuates a certain classicism with its very straight lines. Bronzes and ornaments gradually disappear.

Neo-Renaissance style grows during this period with for example the famous cabinetmakers Grohe and Fourdinois. This style is linked to the movement of rediscovery of the national past. The dark woods (mahogany, rosewood, ebony, blackened beech and pear) become very fashionable.

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