Louis-Constant Sévin

Great connoisseur of Greek, Assyrian, Persian, Chinese, and Gothic and Renaissance motifs, Louis-Constant Sévin (1821-1888) draws designs of admired precious objects. As a major ornamentalist of the second half of the 19th century, he tastes glory by putting his creativity at the service of the great workshops of Ferdinand Barbedienne and the chiseling of Désiré Attarge.

Indeed, the name of Sévin is inseparable from that of Barbedienne. From 1855 to 1888, the two men collaborated in remarkable works, and triumphed at all the World’s Fairs. When the Jury of the 1878 World's Fair made Barbedienne an Officer of the Legion of Honor for their Great Clock, today at the Paris City Hall, the latter refused this distinction and gave it to Constant Sévin.

Together they conceived bronzes for sovereigns like the King of Holland, the King of the Belgians, or the Queen of England.

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