Antique Paneled Rooms


Popularized by the Renaissance’s scholarly atmospheres, the paneled rooms provide the major asset of being insulating and soundproof, in addition to harmonizing interior decoration. Composed by elements and panels that can be dismantled, it is meant to adapt to houses and flats.

The greatest European Palaces, such as the Chateau of Versailles and Buckingham Palace, owe the elegance of their rooms to these discrete and omnipresent elements of decorative arts. Emphasizing the height of rooms, the slender moldered panels become a praised vocabulary for private mansions in 18th and 19th centuries.

Far from only covering walls, wood paneling is structuring interiors, creating arches, niches, able to transform entire rooms. It sometimes also includes consoles, libraries, staircases and wardrobes which combine with the walls in a very sophisticated decoration.

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