Louis XIV style

The Louis XIV style was created by the "Sun King". He was the instigator of the Versailles and also created academies and manufactures, the goal was to instore a new model in all European Court of the 17th century.
Thus in 1664, Colbert created the "Manufacture de la Couronne" (Crown Manufactory) where it gathers, under the direction of Charles Le Brun, the best painters, engravers, lapidary, carpenters, weavers, founders ... All these artisans served the same purpose, which was to develop a national style : French Classicism also called "atticism parisien".

Louis XIV economical strategy was to stop as much as possible artworks imports and instead export all throughout Europe.
This classical style can be summarized in three words: Majesty, Balance and Originality. Majesty because luxurious materials were so widely used, such as silver, rare woods ... But this wealth is never vulgaire, the design seeks symmetry and classicism, in a quest of canon of Greek and Roman antiquities. This quest with some originality are particularly the creation of new furniture by André Charles Boulle : Bureau Mazarin (Mazarin desk), Commode or Bureau plat (flat desk).

Often made in pretty marbles, Louis XIV style fireplaces usually have a fairly simple decor, symmetrical and without much ornamentation. The major ornament is a unique wide moldings highlighting the fireplace opening, called "Bollection".

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